Getting Past OK

I am OK, I’m alright.

  1. Are you living your full potential or just ‘ok’? Are you trapped in your comfort zones?
  2. We are all linked, so if there are people around me that are not ok am I really ok? Is there something more I can be doing to benefit them? It maybe something I need to do first for myself, before I can do for others?

Imagine you are on your death bed – What would you like to have done more of?

As I go through life I become more and more conscious of how precious this gift of life is. The opportunity may not come around again. Let me have a go now.

Why do we feel we can’t?
We all have dreams, wishes, things we would like to achieve… but we believe we are not quite good enough. ‘I am enough’ – say these words to yourself. Do you feel taller and that maybe you can have a go?

Check: If I do something that takes me beyond ‘ok’ what is the worst thing that can happen?

Getting past OK
Take a dream, something that you would really like to do. Now, take a moment to connect to the ‘inner part’ of yourself. Your pilot light, the part of you is indestructible and always safe…

Observe yourself breathing
Turn your mind within
Allow the centre of your focus to come to the middle in your forehead
Imagine yourself in your own head, in a room just behind your eyes
It is a space that is peaceful, quite, and entirely private
No one can come into this space
This is my innermost self
Who I truly am: a creation of lightness, a being of spirit, a point of unlimited energy
As you sit in this quiet room paint it in warm light
This is your own quiet space, it really is your zone of comfort

When you come in this space
You can find the answers to the things that trouble you
You can collect anything – strength, virtues, qualities – that you need in your life
You can touch your very own powers of patience and tolerance
Whatever you need is here for you
Courage is here
Remember the qualities you can access here
Remember how you have come here
This space is only one thought away

When you proposed to do something outside your familiar patch
Come first to your inner comfort zone
Arm yourself with whatever you need – wisdom, compassion, love
Pack them up to bring out with you
Then take a deep breath and gently choose to step out of this room in your mind
Step back into this room

Getting Past OK Tips
a) Act as if: imagine that you have done it already. See yourself having succeeded.
b) Do something ‘scary’ every day
c) Take little steps; break things down into small steps and then before you know it…
d) Be bold, take that first step of courage despite the fear –
e) Develop a win-win attitude; even if it doesn’t go exactly according to plan this time I have learnt something and grown and next time it will be easier.

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