Better Choices, Less Regrets

Life is full of choices. And life is a result of the choices you make. But how often do you regret the choices you’ve made? Regret, as you know, doesn’t change anything. So, to avoid regret, should we try to make the right choice every time? Well, that’s not always possible because every choice has the potential of being ‘wrong’. But we …

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Be Empowered

Do you ever find yourself going from feeling great to overwhelmed in an instant? At times do things seem impossible or beyond your capacity to handle? Do you feel challenged daily and that you are only just managing to get by? In order to flourish, amidst all of today’s challenges, inner empowerment is essential. What …

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Choices, Decisions

Choices. Choices. Choices… How do I decide? Choices There are choices about what to do and then also about the way we go about doing something. Choices about my future and about how I feel about others and life itself. There are so many choices. Have you checked of late though who it is that …

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Detached Observer's Way Forward

1. Detached Observer of the scenes going on around you. See how whatever situation we currently find ourselves in or is in front of us… it comes and it goes. The scenes we are in are constantly changing, this is a guarantee. Do they dictate to us how we will feel? Practice seeing them as …

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