Choices, Decisions

Choices. Choices. Choices… How do I decide?

There are choices about what to do and then also about the way we go about doing something. Choices about my future and about how I feel about others and life itself. There are so many choices.

Have you checked of late though who it is that is making your choices? Whose voice am I listening too? My mothers’, my husbands’, my bosses’, my peers’, the ethics of this era for example?

In extremes (something to live for/die for) which choice to make is often obvious, we know. How about the rest of the time? How do we decide? Which choice is the one to make becomes clear when we are clear about our purpose in life. It is when we are not that we can become confused by choices.

The lake
Before me is a lake and in it are all the things I have collected, the things that I am holding on to, all my choices and the voices of others that I have taken onboard. Amongst all this clutter though there is a gem resting on the the bottom of the lake- a diamond, my sense of purpose and my compass to steer by. This lake is the lake of my mind.

Is the surface of this lake still and calm or turbulent with thoughts and feelings? When the surface is still and calm we can see three things: the surface and what is on it, such as leaves, water boatmen etc; the reflection of the world around the lake and thirdly the bottom of the lake. At the bottom are old tyres, a sunken ship, all our choices and our diamond. If it is turbulent we can use meditation to calm its surface so that we can see clearly the lake’s surface (myself), the reflection in the lake (the world around me) and the bottom of the lake (where my diamond lies).

If having calmed our lake we still can’t see our diamond there, remember how a diamond emits rays of light. Look for these rays as these will lead you to it. These rays are my values; my ethics; the vision and dream I have for future; things that I find beauty in and things/people that inspire me.

Ask yourself: Who is my hero? What is it about that poem, film or person that inspires me? What is the quality being shown? We are inspired by the qualities we resonate with. We can only resonate with a quality if we have experienced it at some point in time (otherwise we would not recognise it) and to have experienced it means that we must have preformed an act of that quality at that point in time.

When we know our purpose which decision to make becomes clear. This may not necessarily be the easy one but if it is my purpose I will have the ability and the tools to fulfil it, even if I don’t know how to right now.

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