Detached Observer's Way Forward

1. Detached Observer of the scenes going on around you. See how whatever situation we currently find ourselves in or is in front of us… it comes and it goes. The scenes we are in are constantly changing, this is a guarantee. Do they dictate to us how we will feel? Practice seeing them as a detached observer and you will be able to maintain an inner stability no matter what is happening around you and so be able to influence the situation positively.

2. Consider yourself to be an actor, the stage being the world and yourself as having been given the part of ‘x’ to play right now. As in a play sometimes you are on the stage and sometimes you are just watching the drama. When it is your turn to come onto the stage though you are ready and concerned to play your part to the very best of your ability however small a part it may be. Only by playing the small part well will we be offered bigger opportunities in the future.

3. Live in the present. Are you watching the current scene or one from the past right now? We often lose the possibility of the present moment by staying with a past moment(s).

4. Have a clear aim and go for it. Watch for getting caught in a ‘side scene’ along the way and so not making your destination on time. Also if clouds of doubt come… sit for a few minutes in silence, repeat a positive affirmation to yourself, remember a time when you were happy or at peace or remember an achievement. Such trains of thought need to be halted as quickly as possible before they carry us off.

5. Choices, when at a crossroads it is it not always clear which road is the one leading to our destination. If this is so it is better to spend some time in choosing than just rushing on down any road blindly only to find out later that it was the wrong one and that you now have to re-trace your steps. It will save you time and maybe from experiencing sorrow too. It may be that we need to seek guidance from someone at/closer to our destination… for this we also need to have the patience to listen and to take on board their suggestions. Remember though the choice I make is mine and so the consequences of that choice come to me both good and bad. If there is no-one to ask for guidance: then stand back / detach yourself from ‘you’ and observe yourself from a distance as if you were observing a film about you.

6. Cultivate spending time sitting in silence. When you first begin to practice this you may find all sorts of things come into your mind. Some of which you like and some that you don’t. When bad memories arise if instead of cursing them or suppressing them ask of them what can I learn from what happened? If we learn from such experiences then we change something negative into something positive, they will no longer need to be cursed or suppressed and we will have learnt how to handle similar situations in the future successfully.

7. Have the attitude that whichever road I am currently on is the right one and so maintain a certain contentment of mind and feeling of maximum benefit. The best decisions are made when our minds are clear, happy and peaceful.

8. If you feel something is missing in your life – just stop for a few minutes. It shouldn’t be that love and peace and happiness are missing from our lives. It is that maybe we ourselves need to practice being more tolerant or patient? A minute of tolerance can save us from many fights and a few seconds of patience can solve many things.

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