Change and Uncertainty with Sister Jayanti

Change and uncertainty can be a struggle and difficult to manage at the best of times. But right now, during coronavirus, the amount of uncertainty we’re all facing is unthinkable. And so much keeps changing how we work, eat, move, socialise… Yet we have all amazingly adapted to new ways of living. Sister Jayanti shares Continue reading »

Self-Empowerment Explored: Part 2

What do we need to watch out for on the journey to self-empowerment? We dis-empower ourselves when we under-value ourselves. We think we can’t change, blame, criticise, focus almost exclusively on others’ and our own faults and aren’t in touch with our own inner treasures.    What about time? When we say we are too Continue reading »

Making Changes Easier

Sometimes we look for change, welcoming it into our lives and at other times we don’t want things to change. However, to resist change is like trying to hold back a river. We can dam it for a while, but not forever and in the meantime we have exhausted ourselves trying to hold it back. Continue reading »

Do You Adjust?

Change requires adjustment.  Adjustment of ideas, approaches and sometimes even of heart, but not of hope, values or necessarily vision. Change makes us re-look at what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and where we really want to be. It is life’s way of asking us, ‘Are you sure? Are you really sure of what Continue reading »

Change and Uncertainty

Do you like change and its’ uncertainty? Sometimes we look forward to change and its possibilities and at other times we don’t. Sometimes we want to change things, and at others times we want to keep everything exactly as it is and we resist change. What makes the difference? Our attitude towards a particular change Continue reading »

Are You a Pessimist Or an Optimist?

Okay, so imagine half a glass of water, in front of you. Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? Do you view things from an optimistic or a pessimistic viewpoint? Which are you? A mixture of both or are you leaning more towards one side? Here’s the third choice (it’s the Continue reading »

Personal Growth – Staying Power

How do you talk to yourself? Do you ever criticise yourself? Do you complain to yourself about yourself? I am overweight, unfit, not tall enough… or about your finances or your personality? Thoughts like this are primarily arising from our ‘ego’ and they affect our personal growth Thoughts that are judgmental, critical and unhappy are Continue reading »

The How of Forgiveness

Amongst the turmoil on the surface, the anger and the fear, there is a little voice from deep inside that believes in wellness and change for the better. What about joy, happiness and enthusiasm? Forgiveness is not about rationalising or intellectualising, it is about a change in our feelings. It is about ‘me,’ the other Continue reading »

Change your Future

There are these 3 main beliefs: 1) ‘I am a victim’ – of circumstances/ people/ weather/ etc. The emotions that come with this belief are anger, fear and sadness. 2) I can control the behaviour of others/ others should do as I want/ the world should dance to my tune. The emotions are: anger, fear Continue reading »

Consciousness: A Basic Model

Draw 3 lines in the air… The top layer [elevated consciousness]. Here we are in a state of natural spirituality i.e. of love, peace and wisdom. It is characterized by unconditional love. One feels ‘above’ all of the negativity that was hurting one (in ones’ mind and in ones’ life), and how love flows out Continue reading »

Change: Be Part Of It

Would you actually like it if things never changed? Isn’t it rather the accelerated speed of change that we are experiencing today and its unpredictability that leaves us feeling that we want to put the foot-break on. It feels like ‘what will happen next!’ Everything (climate, economy, families) seems to be going haywire. Change that Continue reading »