Do You Adjust?

Do You Adjust?Change requires adjustment.  Adjustment of ideas, approaches and sometimes even of heart, but not of hope, values or necessarily vision.

Change makes us re-look at what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and where we really want to be. It is life’s way of asking us, ‘Are you sure? Are you really sure of what you’re doing and where you’re going?’

Change is not adversity dressed up – something that you desperately don’t want to happen, it’s a friendly nudge allowing you to choose the path of where you want to be.  When we adjust the way we see change, life’s nudges feel possible, natural and even fun.

The key is, to adjust. Any good adjustment begins with starting from a place of strength. We adjust best when we stand in our own strength].  If you feel you have to adjust because you’ve lost something or a got something wrong then you’ll feel at a disadvantage.  If we try to adjust from this space of having to do something rather than wanting, we feel that we are adjusting down, rather than grabbing another opportunity that will help you towards your vision.

When you start with a place of strength you start to see opportunities, you start seeing what you can do.  ‘I can’, is the feeling that gives you the enthusiasm and energy to act, so your adjustment has already moved you forward into the present and into a future of your making, rather than into your past.

Now that you have the energy and enthusiasm, step 2 is about seeing that your actions are coming from a place in line with our values. Adjustments made without your values will not last.  Why?  Because they don’t mean enough to you.  A value based adjustment means your inner world and outer world are aligned.  You’re not wasting energy or time in doubt or inner conflict.  Rather, you work with a natural determination that takes over instead of feeling forced. The benefit is that you don’t tire so easily – ask anyone who follows their passion.

Finally, share your vision, your hope.  The more you share your hope and vision, the more you stay focused.  Through holding on the hope that we are doing what is right, then having to make adjustments and little changes really isn’t a big deal. Rather, it feels easy and light and even enjoyable.

Where would you like to start adjusting?

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