Trust Your Gut: Intuition

We can enlist our intuition to lead us to know and express our highest potential, to discover our own personal values and to show us how to live in harmony with the laws of the universe. It is always pro personal growth and pro benefit. What is Intuition? Intuition is our own inner guide. It Continue reading »

Scoring Own Goals

Scoring own goals: – destroy us or stop us from attaining something we want to attain. – are sometimes accidental and sometimes happen because we are trying too hard. – the professional fowl! If I can’t win then you won’t either! It can be something as easy as pouting, sulking or making people feel sorry Continue reading »

Resolution Folly

– What can we do to make resolutions and sustain them? It is about creating change and there has to be thought put into the methods that will create and maintain that changes. I need to have three components for change: 1. knowledge of: – my true self. – what I need to change. – Continue reading »