Trust Your Gut: Intuition


We can enlist our intuition to lead us to know and express our highest potential, to discover our own personal values and to show us how to live in harmony with the laws of the universe. It is always pro personal growth and pro benefit.

What is Intuition?
Intuition is our own inner guide. It is the voice of the highest part of our self. It is that inexplicable inner knowing, and when we trust it we feel that we are living in the flow, without struggle or force.

Recognising the Voice of Intuition
It always calmly advises us and it is not accompanied by fear. It feels natural and right. It brings understanding and clarity. It is in harmony with our conscience and heart. It is knowing what the right thing to do is without doubt.

Working with Intuition
We can journey intuitively back to our highest potential (to re-discover our inner qualities and resources) that we have lost connection with.

Set your goals. Our intuition will then start working to bring these about. Have you ever noticed how you suddenly become aware of a book, talk, person… that you have never seen before?

Test it out. Start with small things, e.g. directions and what to wear. You will know if it was your intuition you followed or not. If it turns out that it wasn’t, we have opportunity to learn something more about it – so no attempt is a failure.

Quieten your mind. Take a glass of water filled with grains of dirt, we need to let this settle for it to become clear. The same with our mind, we need to let our past experiences settle to ‘see’ clearly. We need to train our rational mind to rest, be quiet and be patient – learning meditation is a great help for this.

Be present. Practice focusing on the present and not thinking about other people, events, the past or future.

Be patient. Don’t get discouraged, be conscious of your process and mentally note it down or write it down. This helps us to become more in-tune with ourselves.

What gets in the way of our intuition?

  • Over-thinking. We can easily over think and over analyse; this opens the door for fear, doubt and procrastination.
  • Thinking ‘I can’t’ rather than ‘I can.’ When we believe we can’t we shut the door to our intuition. Instead think ‘I can.’ Try it out and notice the difference when you approach a situation thinking ‘I can’ and then ‘I can’t.’
  • Others must know better. Sometimes we give more value to what others think than to what we think – later we regret it.
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