Self-Empowerment Explored: Part 1

Why self-empowerment? When we are disempowered we become ‘victims’ of circumstances, situations and people. They pull our strings. In contrast, self-empowerment enables us to pull our own strings. It gives us the ability to choose how we want to respond to people and events. What does it look like? When we are self-empowered we are Continue reading »

Why Values?

Values are important as they steer us through life, enable us to remain positive and forward looking, and keep us true to ourselves and safe. Values are our inner compass. Values are about who we are at our core. When we connect with, experience and express our values we create a better world to live Continue reading »

How Do I Love Me?

A. What stops me from loving myself? The first thing that stops us from loving ourselves is self-rejection. Check: How often do I reject myself? Every time I reject myself I prevent myself from taking action and growing, for this I need to acknowledge and accept myself first. B. What is self love based on? Continue reading »