When To Make Yes/No Decisions

When you don’t know what you want it is not so easy and…

We tend to say ‘yes’ when we should be saying ‘no’ because of
– the influence of others or

– the influence my own personality.
– losing sight of purpose in life.

Or we say ‘no’ when we should be saying ‘yes’ because of:
– laziness and making excuses.

– lack of time.

When I say yes:
– The qualities within me come to light because they are needed.

– There’s the opportunity to interact with others, to learn, to pick up new qualities that make us successful, such as, acceptance, tolerance, love and lightness.
Unity can be created. It’s good to give one’s ideas but then we need to hear other’s ideas and of what the majority say so that there can be unity. Unity is more important than having it your way. Then there’s flexibility, acceptance and unity.

When I say no:
If you say ‘no’, do it with sweetness, with some explanation, with the right feeling and honesty. Maintain good relationships with everyone, and then the other person won’t hesitate to ask you again.

What is needed to make the right decision?
There needs to be power behind my decision.

What gives me this power?
1. Self respect. Then, there’s faith in what I am doing.

2. Humility. To accept and learn from the results of my decision so that I am not blocked in my thinking and more able to see the benefit.
3. Keeping a pure and clean heart and so being unbiased in my thinking. Then I am able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ accordingly, my conscience will lead me to the right decision. When there’s conflict within my mind, I have to pause to rethink.
4. It’s fine to go to someone for advice but let it be someone who knows you well.
5. Put the question to God. Meditation is my connection as a soul with the Supreme soul, the eternal parent. Put your question to God in the early morning hours. Mediation gives you the answers in many ways… as if clouds are blown away. Clarity brings better concentration.

Result: I can just be me with whoever I am. I don’t have to play different roles.

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