What causes anger?

Cause of anger: Expectations, possessiveness, emptiness inside.
Measure of anger: Irritation and frustration are the indication… I am not getting what I want.
Realize: I have become dependent on something external to me and so vulnerable to anger.

Learning to control
It’s powerful to know that you have a choice.
S- Stand back: when you are irritated.
O- Observe: give yourself space
S- Steer your thoughts: maybe I need to let go; maybe I need to learn something from this situation?

To free ourselves from vulnerability:
1. We never actually lose ourselves but we do lose our values and our potential in the process of identifying with the external objects.
2. Acknowledge the reality: we don’t own anything and so don’t actually ever lose anything.
3. In relationships, can I fulfil responsibilities, be part of something, and yet remain free? Understand what it is to be a trustee. No relationship is permanent.
4. We never lose anyone, no one ever dies, there’s continuity.
The real being continues. This gives you strength and the power to accept whatever is happening externally, even if it’s awful.
5. The greatest contribution I can really make is in ordinary challenges.
It’s not going to help anyone if I am angry, but good wishes can help someone who is going through grief.
6. Don’t take things personally. “I am an actor, a guest.”

Create a budget for your spiritual savings:
* Step back
* See the bigger picture
* Meditate
* Take a minute out during the day
*See things differently
* Have fun
And you will be less angry.

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