True Spontaneity

True spontaneity is when you have a thought to do something that is positive, kind, beautiful and loving and you do it immediately. Do it once and you’ll do it again, don’t regret not doing it.

“I work with people dying of terminal illnesses. I have found that when people are dying they don’t regret what they did, but what they didn’t do. Imagine you’re walking along the path of life and a spontaneous thought comes ‘I should pick up that person’s phone card that they just dropped and give it back to them…’ and you do. That small and selfless act (I am not wanting thanks or appreciation) would ricochet through society, s/he would do something for someone else and it goes on and on and on. Alternatively you don’t pick up the card but continue to think about it and wish you had. That split second will come to you when you’re dying. ‘I should have…'”

They’re little things -those opportunities to do good. They are your path, i.e. you and your dharma. Dharma means ‘the right path for you’. At every moment there is one right choice that creates absolute harmony for you. It requires very little expenditure and gives you a lot of return.

When the mind is silent and our creativity is aligned to our dharma you are on the path to the destination of your highest self. The memory of our highest self is there is our conscience, it is our elevated self. Silence within is a sign of well-being, of a quiet mind that has found resolution through knowledge and understanding. Many people can’t sleep because they have done actions during the day which were outside of their own dharma of peace.

“I have the aim that when I die the final condition of my mind –my final thoughts- will be such that it will lead me to my destination. There are two types of conditions: a loving one where one’s heart is giving out energy and then a divorced one where you are in need. There are only two ways the energy can be going; out or in; serving or taking; loving or needing. A loving intellect and mind stem from stillness, and bring into action instantly every spontaneous generosity that comes into the mind.”

True spontaneity is the starting point of being able to move back onto the right path, to bring peace through my thoughts, words and actions. To stay on our path and move towards our destination check if you are acting out of habit or from our truth. Usually we can’t see our own patterns.

“Being spontaneous is like opening your heart so wide that it’s like you’re exposed, and you can feel the heart of the other person and what it desires. When I’m working in the hospital and I walk in and see them lying there connected to machines I have to be entirely open. If my mind is still then I’ll say the first thing that comes into my mind. It could be anything, but I always find that when it comes from the quiet place within –from the spontaneous and quiet mind- it’s right.”

To catch the feelings of others I have to first of all be free from motive myself. You have to have an altruistic aim in your service of humanity. To do this you have to be fresh everyday, if you are not in a state of well-being then you will be in a state of wanting regard, acceptance, recognition or something. It’s natural because there is a deficit internally. So, contentment is the essential qualification to catch the feelings and thoughts of others.

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