The Worry Cure

Why the worry cure?
Worry creates the problem that we fear. Fear attracts what we fear.

Where does worry come from?
Worry comes from the fear of something that happened in the past repeating or from being uncertain that I will be able to handle the future. Often it is connected with a role we play or with something we did or didn’t do or with an expectation of the worst happening.

Why does worry spin and spin in our minds?
Sometimes it can be as simple as not having anything better to do! Another? Not knowing what we want.

Can you identify the seed of your worry? Address this and you will find one day that… the worry has gone.

— Fear is our worst enemy here… when we you take that leap of courage to conquer it help comes… fear goes.

— Love allows us to tap into our quietness, think or focus your mind on something that you love. Love only ever wants the best for myself and for others… fear goes.

Become aware of your thoughts… and begin to direct in a more reassuring vein. How often is it actually as bad as you thought it would be… fear diminishes.

Peace, love and happiness lie within you. When we know this and that we are not dependent on anyone or anything for these… fear goes.

When you touch truth, particularly the truth of who you are… fear goes.

— When I become aware of my inner wealth and begin to share it with the world… fear diminishes.

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