The Synchronicity Factor

Synchronicity: a flow of events that are meaningful to me and so are magical.

Synchronicity is in fact always there in our lives, it is just that we do not always experience it. Not ‘seeing’ it we ask, ‘Why is this happening?’ – be it something we would describe as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ When there is no magic we feel that ‘something missing’ – even if we have the job, family, health, wealth… We do not feel completely fulfilled.

Experiencing Synchronicity
We need to change the map we have been working with. To ‘see’ the synchronicity in our lives we need to be aware of our deep intention and aligned with life- then like magic things happen.

First: Connect with your deep intention. Be aware of your current thoughts and consciousness.

Next: Align with life – the new map

The old map is ‘materialistic consciousness’ – one of taking. It is fear-based and we associate security with having more- we think that the more we accumulate the more secure we will become. This though is an illusion. The new map is ‘to synchronize with life’ – life gives. Life gives all of the time; the sun shines, trees give fruit etc… To align with life is to start giving. When we do this life sees that we are now working with her and says: I will help you. We begin to find that just what we need, when we need it, comes to us like magic. Trust and faith in life grows. We are investing in life and the return of this is tangible peace, lasting contentment and complete security.

Consider, for example, a time when you did something for nothing- just for the joy of contributing or giving. The energy or exchange is very different: we receive people’s good wishes, there is a freedom to be and express oneself and an openness to learn new things.

Life has a script- things happen, the sun shines, it rains…The old materialistic consciousness tries to control ‘life,’ as we have made our happiness dependent on externals- it comes and goes with them. We plan for all that might go wrong.

Where then is our freedom? It lies in being able to choose our response- rather than it being dictated to us by whatever is happening. The new aligned consciousness will plan a little, it is more interested though in preparing itself for whatever may happen. It prepares by training itself to be peaceful, aware and attentive. Its’ way is to go deep inside and understand its’ subtle world of thoughts, intention and attitude.

When something happens the new aligned consciousness looks for the lesson in it / the benefit in it. Life brings us the lessons we need to learn. If our deep intention, for example, is inner peace and contentment two essential qualities are a pre-requisite: patience (as life has its own pace and time) and tolerance (as we can not control others and situations.) Life then brings things for us to learn, stretch and create these two qualities within us. Understand how life works; life always wants the best for us.

1) Being present- to make synchronicity a part of our life we need to live in the present. To tune into the present practice 2 things:
a) to be an observer of life; to have a neutral and non-judgmental attitude.
b) to be the detached observer of the self. Talk to yourself as if you are a separate person/ reason with yourself.

2) Give/ contribute- we have our thoughts, words, actions, time and resources, and when we use then in worthwhile ways we attain the success of feeling fulfilled.

  • Thoughts- Make them ones of good wishes for the self and others; of noticing beauty in the self and in others; of trust in the self and others.
  • Words- Make them words of encouragement; tell others the qualities you see in them.
    Actions- Make them peaceful and accurate.
  • Time- Introduce times for self-reflection and for benefiting others.
  • Resources- Share them with others.

3) Meditation- Meditation is a tool to change our consciousness and discover our spiritual self. We need to set aside time to practice this. See yourself as a conscious being who gives life to this body. Next become aware of the Higher Consciousness- the Spiritual Sun that gives us energy, as the sun does the earth, to transform seeds into trees overflowing with fruits.

There are three kinds of consciousness:
(i) the selfish consciousness of I and mine- my primary concern is for myself and with what is mine. As long as it isn’t me something happens to that is okay.
(ii) the transactional consciousness- my things are mine and yours are yours and we trade.
(iii) the transcending consciousness- to give without expecting as the pleasure is in the giving. To learn from all that happens. To enjoy living and giving. There are no worries- we know and trust that life will provided for us- and life flows, there is synchronicity.

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