The Power of Decision Making

What should we be aware of in the decision making process considering that life is not black and white?
– Be aware of how free we are to choose our aim and the way to reach our aim. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

– Be aware of the journey as well as the aim. The journey can teach us various things.

– Avoid ‘either/or’ thinking; usually there are more than two options. Be imaginative and creative.

– It is okay to change your mind. If we stick to only one option, we miss several other opportunities.

– When it comes to a career decision, remember you are not choosing it for a lifetime. Choose for now and don’t worry whether you’ll still enjoy it 20 years from now.

– In the spiritual sense a good decision is the one that will make you learn what you need to learn regardless of the goodness of the outcome in an every-day sense. Deep inside the “wise you” (or our sub-conscience) knows what you need to learn to reach your maximal potential. Whatever decision you make is the right one as long as you get on with it and do not stop yourself to rethink your decision over and over again.

– Consult others for information. However, whatever we decide to do is our own responsibility and we cannot blame anything or anyone else.

– Listen to your inner voice; trust your intuition. Do what feels right. Have faith in yourself.

– Detach yourself from the problem by going away for a while or by meditation. Meditation enables clarity in thoughts and decision making. It enables you to see your priorities. It clears the confusion and self-doubt.

– By doing the best at the present we will have made the best in our past and our future automatically becomes the best it can be.

What shouldn’t influence us in the process of making decisions?
‘What will the others say?’– We shouldn’t value ourselves by someone else’s criteria as long as we are sure that we are doing the right thing.

A desire to become superior above others – The real elevation is about being superior above the “former me”, to be better today than I was yesterday.

Being too shy to do the right thing – Do whatever you like as long as it is in harmony with your conscience and your heart.

Sacrificing something important for something less important – Put your priorities right.

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