As is your vision, so is the world for you.

If I have the vision “Everything is as it should be,” then there are no mistakes.

To get all these four- seeing, feeling, thinking and doing- into alignment:

  • Be proactive. Act when there’s need. Don’t stop to think because when there’s doubt – questioning – your peace goes.
  • Our vision for others is very much connected to our vision of our self. Having self-esteem is very precious for the self. Such a positive vision gives us the energy to do something. Criticizing is an act of disservice for the self and for others.
  • Going from vision to action, in between there are thoughts and feelings. We need to not be at the mercy of our emotions, but to find positive, pure feelings to overrule me. Then, everything becomes natural and good.
  •  Sometimes there’re feelings buried inside that ‘come up’ when triggered. The way to deal with these is “not to blame anyone”. Blaming takes away my inner spiritual fuel.
  • Begin to generate pure feelings inside yourself by taking from the Divine. As I generate these, my energy moves from sorrowful feelings and becomes stronger, not allowing sorrow to come. This is having mastery over your feelings and thoughts.

Take a minute for yourself. Step back, reflect and gather your thoughts every hour or so. It will give power to the other 59 minutes.
– First give yourself that position of strength. Then you suddenly see yourself in a different way, as others see you. Even if it’s a negative situation, you have the power to look at it and will power to change.

Where do you generate these positive feelings from if your sense of being is not positive? We need a foundation of knowledge to get to know our real identity, my value as a soul. Meditation is identifying with the real self.

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