Reboot Present, Reinvent Future

Rebooting the present and reinventing the future.

How aware are we of our actions?
We develop and maintain patterns of behaviour, some good and some not so good. Here we are talking about the not so good ones that result in us experiencing stress or sorrow in some way. It could just be the habit of always being late, but how much stress does this cause you? Notice when you say: Oh, not again! I am always…

How much do we really want to change?
We may feel that we want to change but how much do we really want to? It takes a lot of determination and attention to change a habit and so we often just continue in the same patterns until something happens and we are ‘forced’ to change. So where does that determination come from? We really need to know and be convinced of the benefit of making that change, then it is possible- just consider how many 100s of people have given up smoking for example.

The benefit?
Is your future. What I am doing now in my present is creating my future. How do you want your future to be? Begin to start working towards it, even if that first step is only the thought of one word representing what you would like to experiencing in your future. Maybe peace or happiness or fullness?

To what extent am I living this now?
Say I want my future to be one filled with peace, think about this word ‘peace’ and what it means to be peaceful. Notice how the moment we complain, judge or get upset with someone it is not possible to be peaceful. See what you need to do for your future to be peaceful?

Just as with giving up smoking if we want our future to be peaceful we have to then make the determined decision to remain peaceful no matter what!
It is your future.

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