Power of Clarity

How much clarity do we have about our world and ourselves?
What is your view and understanding of this world?
What is your view and understanding of yourself?

Who am I? Am I just this body or am I more than this?

The body replaces itself continuously; the whole of our skin is in fact replaced every three weeks! Within our lifetime every cell in our body is replaced many times.

“Am I just this changing body?” “Am I not the one who experiences and the one who gives life to this body?”

We live in fear of loss, such as, of good things ending, of our supports failing and of death. We live with a feeling of insecurity with our thoughts being pulled to those things we fear loosing. This fear comes from a lack of clarity about who we really are, that we are eternal spiritual beings currently living in these bodies. In fact we are secure, the body has limits but ‘I’ don’t!

By practising being a detached observer we can come to gain much clarity about our world and who we are. When we practice this we become calm, peaceful, light and there is a feeling of being in control, not of the situations but of my reactions and experiences. We are able to begin to see a bigger picture and our attention is drawn to this and so we become less caught up in our own dramas. As a detached observer we are able to come to have good wishes for all and this experience of love for all leaves us feeling totally secure.

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