Ponderings on Perseverance

board-928392_960_720Perseverance is more than pig-headedness. It’s the ability to keep your objective or goal in mind whilst taking or determining an action towards that goal.

The key to perseverance isn’t in worrying about what’s gone wrong, not working, or not being done right. It is simply in knowing (not seeing) that this moment is just part of the journey towards the outcome or goal you’re working towards, it isn’t the final outcome.

Perseverance invites us to honestly assess where we are right now in comparison to where we would like to be. This enables us to learn what would work best next, what needs refining in our approach, and opens us to share and be inspired by others or the situation. Simply put, when we persevere, we turn ‘situations’ into stepping stones (maybe even catapults) through our journey.

Perseverance is faith in action. It is to have faith in yourself and in your integrity. It is then faithfully acting.

Faith in yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have all the answers or every skill or talent required right now. It is having the faith that you will discover what is needed when it is needed. It is about daily acknowledging that your potential is greater than you have yet seen.

Faith in your integrity is about knowing and listening to your values. It is to explore how well you know and act on your values. It is choosing to allow your values to influence your thinking and decision making. It is taking the golden moment of decision making, big or small, and taking your values into account before deciding. This keeps us from having to wallow in regret – a sure way to bust perseverance.

Faithfully acting is to apply both your heart and soul to what you do. Invariably, others are involved so act with a smile or simply include others with a glance. It’s appropriately acknowledging how your journey may cross, walk alongside or even join with others.

Perseverance is stumped when, as mentioned before, we wallow in regret. OK, you made a mistake or forgot something, missed a ‘golden opportunity’ but you’ve moved on, you are in a different space or time frame. What are you doing with that now?

Perseverance is also derailed when we get into the blame game. Ask yourself, does it REALLY matter? It only really matters if it’s life and death or if you’ve intentionally hurt another’s heart. Then stop! Make amends, make it right, and be responsible before you move on. Otherwise blame is a lame approach to justifying why you’ve not moved on. Instead go from blame game to aim game. Remind yourself why you started down this particular track, and then get back on it!

Perseverance comes naturally when we are happy, content with being ourselves. So take time each day to share a little love and respect with yourself. How would that look to you?

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