Making Gratitude a Habit


Counting your blessings, being thankful and appreciative… Sometimes, do you find it difficult to be grateful?

Even when things are tough, gratitude makes sense. Because gratitude is short for ‘great attitude’. It makes us happier and hopeful. It keeps you focused on what is there, instead of what isn’t, on what’s right instead of what’s wrong.

Join us to explore ways to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and practise more gratitude, especially in hard times.

2 thoughts on “Making Gratitude a Habit”

  1. will the latest talks be put on the website.? I’ve noticed the latest talks are not here e.g how to be true to yourself though it is on the Facebook page. Would rather access talks directly from here. Thanks

    1. Hi, the talks go on the website as podcasts only. If you’d like to watch, please see our Facebook or YouTube pages.

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