On Making Mistakes

Mistakes, what is a mis-take?
Simply that a mis-take, you have just got the take on something slightly off. Mistakes are currently a part of life. Right now life just isn’t perfect, however much we would like it to be. Further, having made a mistake we often tend to confound it by becoming unhappy with ourselves for having made one, this too is a mistake!

So, I made a mistake.
Now… learn from it, explain/apologise as appropriate, then put a full stop and move on.

When we don’t do this and we punish ourselves we don’t learn but become stuck. What actual benefit is there in punishing ourselves for ourself or for anyone else? Does it mean I am more sorry if I do than if I don’t? Others are usually wanting no more than an apology, and when given will respect this and be able to move on too.

Arm yourself in advance for the next mis-take you will make:
Instead of wanting to be perfect, aim to always do your very best then whatever happens will be the best. If I take care of my present, I guarantee my future. Practice being in the present and asking: What goodness can I bring to bear right now to make the present of the highest quality it can be?

Wisdom is to act with a pure motivation based on my inherent goodness.

2) Instead of seeking the approval of others see what the real need is and act on this- then there will be benefit for all. We tend to want to please everyone, but how can we please everyone all of the time? Ten people are coming to visit and ten favourite cakes, which one do we make? We just end up confusedand more likely to make a mistake. Practice pausing, letting your mind become quiet and asking: What is really needed here and best for everyone?

It is a lack of wisdom to think that the one who praises me is my friend and the one who insults me my enemy.

3) When our self-respect falls we are more likely to make mistakes, so we need to strengthen both our self-esteem and self-respect in advance. The most solid foundation is based on understanding ourselves. Ask: Who am I? Go on that journey of self-discovery, and when I do make a mistake let me remain loving to ‘me’ as I am still a good person. Understand yourself.

When we have self-respect and then do what is right with a lot of love there are no mistakes.

4) Choose to align yourself with goodness, the highest destination of all. These days goodness has an air of being unfashionable about it as we have become very influenced by negativity. This has lead us into losing our inner power. To re-align with goodness we need to re-build our inner spiritual strength then we wont be influenced by negativity; will be able to remain tolerant and loving no matter what the situation is and root out self doubt about who I am.

Draw on God’ s power, the Ocean of all good things and the One who is never influenced by negativity.

5) When something happens see the bigger picture. I need to develop the faith that whatever is happening, whatever I have been asked to do or wherever it is that I find myself that there is a good reason for this. Sometimes I may even feel that I am being moved along by destiny, that I am there despite myself. Ask yourself: What is it that I need to do/learn here?

Move from short term thinking to long term thinking, see the immediate situation in front of you in context of the bigger picture.

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