Me to We: Change

‘Uni’ means one, ‘verse’ song. Am I in harmony with people or am I out of tune? We are all connected in some way. We do leave an impression on others. We can learn to share with good intentions. When we act with focus and good intention, we can create, harmonize and tune into the universe. Many people are unhappy and it affects all of us, like cancer cells. We become those unhappy people and identify with that unhappiness because we have developed this attitude through conditioning, education and many births.

What makes me ‘me’ and not ‘we’?
No communication, eye contact or sharing.

2. Holding onto things: The more you hold on to things; possessions, relationships, etc, the less experience of what you want you have. If I want to hold water it flows off my hands. If I want to stay within the experience I would allow my hand to flow with the water.

How do I change from ‘me’ to ‘we’?
We need power. We need to change our consciousness. What can we not do -change- with our thoughts? Everything vibrates and we vibrate at the level of our thoughts. Stepping back and understanding who you are is the first platform to empower yourself. You can move as a spiritual being, flow with the energy.

What is it to focus? How can I focus?
A Laser beam is concentrated light, when your thoughts are focused on what you want to do and these are powerful thoughts, imagine what you can achieve. It starts with yourself, start with good wishes for yourself. If I am not strong, how can I help people? Think powerful thoughts for yourself. People cannot change you. We need to keep thinking. Nothing but your thoughts will you take into an experience.

When I meditate, there is an effect on me and others. Each day it is different, it is a discovery of yourself and of seeing others’ qualities and then about nurturing the self with them and developing those qualities. You use it – the qualities- or lose it. Change starts first through ourselves and our vision, there is power in pure vision. Create pure love in your vision for all, everyone is a spiritual being. Change that vision and get rid of the labels that you apply to others. Everyone has a value.

Some reflective questions to get to know yourself:
– What was the strongest quality that you noticed in you at a time when you were happy with other people?
– What stops you from being light and easy?
– What would be the effect on others if you were more open and giving?
– In what ways could you use this power of light/lightness more in your life? What practical way could you use it?

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