Me, Myself and I

The spiritual journey is a journeying back to I.

Who is behind the mask?
Take the petrol we put in our cars, for example. This begins as petroleum and then goes through a process to remove all the impurities in it to leave its essence- petrol. Similarly the I (the spirit that I am) is our essence- it is what remains when we take away all that we are not and all that we have accumulated over time. As essence- nothing owns us and we own nothing. Essence is -it is light behind our eyes.

What is at the core of being ‘human’?
Love, empathy, compassion, understanding, generosity… Secondary to this we add layers of identity based on the country we are born in, the culture we are born into, our gender… Next based on what we do- a mechanic, runner, secretary, mother, farmer, daughter, doctor, pilot, actress, gardener… these can be many.

If we are not aware of I whilst playing all these ‘parts’ then ‘the part’ can take us over in that we are motivated by and choose our actions based on what we conceive ‘the part’ would do – rather than on based on love, compassion etc. We judge others too then on how well they are playing ‘their part’- forgetting that they are just like myself, they are human too.  Worst may be if one of these roles is taken away from us (e.g. we lose our job) or is threatened in some way- then we can feel that we are fighting for our survival, our life (identity).

When we lose sight is the spiritual beings we are and think we are the parts we play instead situations will come to us to challenge us to remember who we are.

External things-from objects to people to roles- are necessary to live in this world and this is fine. The problem begins though when we start making them ‘ours’ – owning them and identifying with them. When we make them ‘me / myself’, we forget I. Behind all the ‘mess’ is the I that we all are- our humanity and this is common to us all.

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