Lost in Translation…Or Interpretation

Lost in translation or interpretation?

Individually we interpret our lives – the situations we find ourselves in, others and what we are currently experiencing – based on our past experiences and encounters. Everything that we have experienced and experience – positive or negative – we record within our psyche.

Have you ever for example been walking down the road when suddenly you smell a certain smell and a past memory of long ago comes back to you? This being just a single experience too! Imagine then the effect of repetitive experiences, and how they have formed our personalities (our responses, attitudes and stances towards today). Do you ever find yourself reacting automatically to situations without stopping to even think if it is appropriate?

We all come into relationship from the stance of our past experiences, interpreting situations and others on the basis of what we have experienced in the past. You could say that we are each emotionally loaded and along with this we each have a set of needs, desires, wants, hopes and expectations.

So? Is it possible to meet each other without interpretation and with honesty? How do we lessen or transcend even the emotional loading that we all bring with us into any encounter that leads us into those misunderstandings or conflicts?

First begin to be aware of your own emotional loading and understand…
1… that I carry my own emotional loading and everyone else theirs.
2… that our intrinsic human nature is that of peace and goodness. It is just that we no longer experience ourselves to be so and so feel needy and begin to seek outside of ourselves for these very things.
3… that love is a state of being that has to be chosen. We need to choose and cultivate love. It is not something that can be traded which we are often unconsciously doing.
4… that others are the the same as you- by nature peaceful beings- and that they are currently just caught up in their own emotional loading, but that in time this will all get sorted out and they too will know the truth of their being.

Then take time out to…
5… to allow yourself to go into your essence and experience yourself as a being of peace. This leads to an experience of transcending ones negative experiences and limited positive ones too and of coming into an inner space of safety.
6… to replace your negative experiences with positive ones. One way to do this is to create spaces in your day… and in these moments to create thoughts of peace, love, happiness, tranquility or any other positive experience you would like to have. Over time you will find that you have built up a stock of such experiences and that you are less emotionally loaded and able to see others more clearly.
7… to meditate, i.e. to experience your true and original nature of peace, love and goodness.

To ponder:
1. My thoughts formulate my feelings and attitudes… Think about it… how a certain train of thought leads you into a ‘feeling’ that you knowingly or not radiate out into the world… Generally we pick up if someone is angry or happy when they walk into the room.
2. My attitude (fearful or ‘I am here to help’) influences my vision and how I interpret my reality and how I will behave in a situation(s).
3. How is it that with some people we have an instant understanding and with others we just find ourselves unable to develop any understanding, we just don’t see things in the same way at all?
4. It is generally known that in interviews people make a decision about you within the first minute before anything has even been said.
5. What causes us to think someone is not telling us everything/being totally honest? How is that we just know something is up even though they say that everything is fine?

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