Living Outside the Box

We may think outside the box, but are we actually living outside of it, dreaming that we are living outside of it or choosing to live within it?

What is this box?
The box most of us find ourselves living in is the one of our past. We know we are in it whenever we feel trapped, imprisoned in some way or unable to move forward. It seems that we are always trying to break out of this. We change jobs, countries, relationships, hair colour, etc, but have we actually moved out of the box or have we just moved from one room to another one within the box? Then again sometimes we may even opt to be in the box, it may feel safer to stay in the box than to contend with yet another storm.

What are the walls of this box we live in defined by?
a) our physical identity: gender, nationality, father, accountant, etc.
b) our dependencies, those ‘things’ external to ourselves that we look to for support/fulfilment: possessions, friendships, places, etc.
c) our needs/wants or the things we think we need/want.
d) our fears: one fear is of emptiness and to avoid this we pursue or accumulate ‘things’.

Living outside the box
i) accept, experience and be the true eternal spiritual you. Emerge your spiritual qualities of peace and compassion be reflecting on these qualities.
ii) see life as a drama in which we are all actors/actresses just playing our parts. We are not the parts themselves but those playing them.
iii) let go of the past and go beyond it, be determined to be free of the box. This can be our biggest battle in life but it brings the greatest freedom.
iv) help others to also live outside of the box.

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