Letting Go – 3 of 3

Moving on: Tools

a) Connect us to your inner treasure store. Access our own inner wealth. Accumulate an abundance of peace, love and wisdom. Once we let go we can truly begin accumulating as now there is space.
b) In mediation when you find that you just can’t and that your mind is all over the place- you have just met something that you need to let go of. Don’t give up, let go. Having let go we find that whatever we need when it is needed comes to us.

Practice: Whilst having everything, I know that nothing is mine.

Visualise the golden chains/threads of attachments… cut them… let it go.
Visualise yourself before you cut them… encumbered and burdened and in bondage.
Visualise yourself after you have cut them… a free bird flying… unencumbered.
Drop the cut chains… let them go… watch them fade away into the distance.

Realize that you are not your feelings. It isn’t that they are holding onto us but that we are clinging to them. Am I willing to make the decision to let it go?

Write down your attachments:
-your internal ones: beliefs, ideas, memories…
– your external ones: objects, people, places…
Take one at a time and ask yourself: ‘What would my life be life be like without x?’ Feel it. Get used to that feeling. It is not that ‘x’ goes – it is still there- it is that you are no longer holding onto it so tightly.

The Trustee
Play at being a trustee . They possess nothing; they hold everything in trust.

Letting go doesn’t change our home, job status, pay, reduce the objects in our life- what changes is our relationship to them.

One change each week-
Find one thing in your life that is making you miserable and let go of it.

Let go of attachments and know freedom.
Let go of desires and know peace.
Let go and know that all that you need is within you.

Don’t ‘expect’ instant success- Don’t beat yourself up when you notice how attached you are to something/someone… it takes time.

Don’t lose sight of the result of letting go- Freedom.

At the end of each the day- Let Go. Let God.

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