Letting Go – 1 of 3

Don’t sit on the branch & watch others fly – let go & fly.

Letting go is isn’t about depriving oneself of something- it is about letting go of the negative to allow the positive within you -that is blocked- to emerge and allowing newness into your life. When we are holding onto old things nothing new can show up- the more you let go the more new opportunities, ideas and people come to you.

In addition holding on to old things creates fear (of loss) i.e. pain. If we have been hanging on for a while we may even find that we are now holding onto the pain itself as it has become familiar, ‘comfortable’, a best friend. To let go– requires a step of courage.

Hanging-on to things requires a vast amount of energy- Letting go releases the energy within you.

Letting go doesn’t always happen instantly – if we try to cut something away with a sharp knife blood flows. Go softly, be gentle, loosen and disentangle and then at the right moment things will shift and it is easy to let go.

How do you know that you have let go? You’ll feel light, free, easy, content, stronger, find more enjoyment in life and feel that you are your own person. Letting go returns to us our inner strength and enables us to fly to our destination- to become our highest potential. Then as we fill with the strength of peace, love and joy we find that we don’t need to hold on to people and things any more- as full of inner peace, love and happiness there is the feeling of having everything and needing nothing.

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