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Three Intelligences:
Rational Intelligence (IQ).
This intelligence deals in information and data and it’s processing. We use it to think, memorize, analyse, plan, solve… It ‘sees’ what is in front of it (through 5 senses)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
This intelligence deals in feelings, emotions and relationships. We use it to catch other’s feelings, empathise, express ourselves, communicate… EQ ‘sees’ with the heart; it sees what is behind the words people say. Rational intelligence, for instance, will ‘see’ an angry face whereas EQ ‘sees’ the reason behind the anger.

Spiritual intelligence (SQ). This intelligence deals in thoughts, consciousness and personality. We use it to reflect, contemplate, meditate, realise, understand deeply, observe (without judgement)… Spiritual intelligence is about being. It contemplates, realises and then acts. It is about first creating the right consciousness and then acting.

SQ ‘sees’ with intuition. Intuition is more than ‘a feeling’. When we intuit something it comes with a sense of knowing (truth) and creates a feeling of security and stability. The word itself comes from the Latin word to look or contemplate.

Rational intelligence gathers information from outside ourselves, processes it and then decides. SQ plans a little, it focus more on preparing the self internally. You grow in the faith that whatever happens you will be able to respond and handle it. You start to trust that you will know what to do when something happens. You become more present and open; you observe; you sense and you trust your response.

Intuition does take time to develop. Intuition comes from within, we need to learn to listen to our intuition, recognize it and trust it. It is energetic; it brings clarity, understanding, fulfilment and life. It is always positive. Intuition allows us to access a deeper knowledge that allows us, in the midst of chaos, to remain peaceful and create harmony within ourselves and around us.

It is as if we have this inner mobile phone that can connect us to life only we don’t know how to use it or re-charge it.

Developing intuition we need to learn the art of ‘inner’ listening. Instead of thinking and planning we need to sit quietly and wait.

i) We need to train our minds to be quiet, silent and patient – to wait. It is to train the rational mind to rest in-between acts. Meditation has this purpose – to teach us to relax the mind, rest it and not to think too much.

ii) Intuition also requires us to trust more, and be less controlling. We can build this by having an interest in knowing ourselves (beyond what we see with our rational mind) and in discovering our own inner potential, beauty and goodness. To explore the idea that we are conscientious (not just physical) beings; conscious (we think, feel and understand) beings.

iii) We need to understand how our thoughts work. When we go inside we encounter our thinking! Notice what thoughts drain/energize you? Which ones help to reach a place of flow?

Thinking too much! Worries, desires etc. all of this is at the rational level. We try to make ourselves feel secure by planning and by attempting to control what happens. Only, then something not planned for happens. We react, and later we may we regret our words or actions and say we had ‘bad day.’ In truth it was not that the day was a bad one it is just that we planned too much.

Create positive thoughts, such as, I am a peaceful soul. These types of thoughts create energy. Take a single thought, feel it and experience it. Be there. Do not create other thoughts. If other thoughts come, do not fight them. Let them go and re-focus. If they are persistent, as you have been entertaining them for a long time, may need to be firmer and tell to go.

Understand ~ Practise ~ Trust ~ Open ~ Alert

iv) At an even deeper practise we can come to feel a connection to a higher energy, the deeper we go and we can come to feel the love of God and at one with life. When we feel connected to the self, life and God’s life has a different meaning. It becomes simpler. You have such a rich inner life that you ‘need’ less and you have something to give and share. You enjoy everything and see it’s magic.

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