Intuition in Action

Have you ever thought: what stops our intuition? Well, the general answer has always been, what we believe about ourselves is what prevents us from touching base with our intuition or even our gut feeling.

So then, what prevents us from being creative or implementing new ideas? Well, if you really look deep into the brain muscle a lot of the understanding is that I am how I am and i do not change, kind of like being stuck in a comfort.

How we see ourselves is influenced by our education, culture and environment. The way we see ourselves is at the core of whether we are able to put our intuition into practice.

Intuition is connected with the right brain which sees in pictures, ideas and musically it likes to go with the flow. The left brain deals with logic, reason & analytics it wants to stay in control. Most of us tend to to give greater credence to the ‘left’- we live in a world, after all, that prizes rationalising and analysing. In the west – you could even say that we tend to be addicted to the left side of our brains.

However, if we only ever use the one side of our abilities we are not going to feel satisfied and content. To allow the right brain to have an influence… the left brain needs to relax. Slow it down and allow the right brain to get a word in. After all, most great ideas are the ones that ‘just come out of the blue’ – that ‘just popped into my head.’

To slow down the left side: Observe
a) Observe your thoughts and feelings. Observe what is going on in your mind when you are alone and when you are in relationship with others. Look at your mind as if it is ‘somebody else.’

b) Step back and sit on the throne of self-respect – a self-respect that comes from who you are and not from how clever you are or the job that you do or your possessions or the way that you look. When our sense of identity comes from somewhere deeper than all these things, we are able to observe what is going on in our mind and see what it is that either our left or right brain is telling us.

To slow down the left side: Practice
1) Say to your mind: I am busy. I’ll come back to you in 10 minutes. Just now I am going to practice just being… Feel yourself to be more than or separate to your mind. The mind should not be driving its’ operator.

2) Practice visualization, music or art- give the right brain some time.

3) When things seem too complex for your left brain to work out, walk away and do your washing or another activity… This creates the space that is needed for your right brain to chuck something in.

4) Ask yourself questions and see if you can catch your first reply -your first thought. Watch out for the more rational ones that follow.

For example:
-Ask yourself ‘Who do I really admire?’ -Who do you see?
-Keep this first reply in your mind and ask yourself ‘What is it about that person that I admire?’ ‘Why do I admire that quality?’ It is important to choose the first not the second or third thought, otherwise it is likely that your answer will start to become intellectual.
-Now… watch out for someone popping into your mind out of the blue. Is it because what you admire about them you are not being yourself at that moment?
-Is your intuition reminding you of what you value and who you are?

5) Deliberately choose to trust your intuition. Begin with small decisions and watch your feelings,- see how it feels. It may not always work out and we may make a mistake, especially at first. Only in any mistake there is always a learning that helps us to grow and in time it is possible to learn how to discriminate our intuition from our rational thinking or imagination. Ultimately is the balance between the right and the left side of the brain that we need to find.

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