Intuition & Creativity

A child plays, discovers, becomes creative with what it discovers and then its intuition shows it what is possible… what to do.

What is the difference between insight, instinct and intuition?
*An insight: something that becomes apparent to me on the screen of my mind.
*To act on instinct: something I do that is connected with mine and others survival
*Intuition: something that brings me a moment of clarity.

Intuition is based on the accumulation of information and experience that becomes a ‘database’ that we carry within. It is something that I build-up in this life and that I carry from previous ones. This ‘database’ is subconscious and we are not aware of its existence. Certain situations trigger it however and when they do… we expereince a moment of clarity.

Mozart: Where did his ‘discovery’ come from? He knew already within his spiritual being… he then just put it into practice/play?

What blocks intuition?
Tension, worry, stress, pain, suffering, feeling on edge and limited thinking all block our intuition. When we are in one of these states we rely more on logic. Intuition isn’t necessarily logical.

We have access to the full scope of our intuition when we are happy and light. When we are happy and light things comes to us spontaneously and easily and we pick up on what is right thing for us to do.

Intuition or desire?
To distinguish between intuition and desire ask yourself: are you attached to or do you want a particular outcome? Intuition is more like a bulb lightening up than trying to strike a match.

Michelangelo and ‘David’: He said he had a ‘vision’ of the sculpture and that then it was just a question of chipping off the excess marble.
I see God as working like this on me. I am a rough diamond, He has a vision of ‘me’ then He just chips away to reveal that. How will this vision of ‘me’ be when revealed? See what has been chipped away. See the vision coming into being.”

If I do my best then whatever the outcome it is accurate. If you are expressing your most loving, peaceful and kind self then whatever happens will be the best outcome that can happen for you.

What blocks creativity?
Laziness in thinking- sometimes we choose to just zone out. Attachments / pulls to objects, people, ideas, etc. Following a particular fashion, person, trend, etc. (this is just copying someone else’s’ creativity). Feeling low blocks it too as our energy becomes stuck, it needs to be flowing freely.

What nurtures creativity?
Avoiding the usual limited thinking. Thinking ‘outside the box.’ Thinking in a novel/ different way to usual. Determined positive thinking: this makes us lighter and permits you to see the impossible as possible. Knowing who I am: that I am an immortal spiritual being with many special qualities.

Meditation is creativity at a different level.
What thoughts are you creating? Do they bring beauty and happiness to you and others? Whatever you create should bring you satisfaction. Are you aware of what you are creating in your thoughts? Such as, your thoughts create the atmosphere of your home. We can create a warm and happy one if we keep our mind light, make light of any difficulties and see the funny side.

To begin being creative start doing things differently… create joy in others lives

A boring job to do today? We have a choice about how we see it. Such as: be aware of any happiness and wellness it may be bringing to others. Maybe it is cleaning the floor? Be aware of the happiness this will give to others? Maybe it is packing boxes on a factory floor? It is a chance to enjoy the company of own mind. Your esteem should lie with your qualities not your job. When you leave a job the qualities that allowed to succeed in that job stay with you and can be used now in a new role. These make up your individuality.

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