What is intuition?
The word ‘intuition’ has its root in the Latin word that means: to see within. We each have our own ‘blueprint and moments of intuition/lucidity are times when we are in connection with our own ‘blueprint’. An intuition may be a feeling, a symbol, a picture or words. It is in fact our deep consciousness banging on our minds saying: wake up. It is saying that you are not aligned with your true spiritual self (your ‘blueprint’ that brings a holistic sense of being). So intuitions come when we are in confusion and not when we are in clarity (then we know unquestioningly). They are signals that you are out of step with yourself.

Do you trust your intuition?
Over time we may have come to dis-trust our intuitions. Why? Maybe because we have followed what we thought were intuitions in the past only to find that they didn’t work out. A false intuition maybe a strong emotion, an influence of negativity/ego/the past, blocks we have created, etc. As we doubt our own intuitions we may begin to check them out with others, forgetting that others can only interpret our intuitions from their perspective. We dis-empower ourselves when we put others on pedestals as when we do this we are telling ourselves that: they are and that we are not. Also we are swept away by the ‘world’ outside and proffered promises of happiness. These promises are like mirages in the desert, we may attain temporary success but it does not last. So we stop listening or understanding the signals we receive and there is inner confusion.

Re-discovering our intuition
We need to develop clarity of awareness so that we can trust our feelings. In the West we tend to intellectualise, dissect and analyze rather than experience. Instead a balance between these two is needed. We need to look within and to stay working within and experience our own inner worlds. When we begin to work within we move away from dependency and confusion to knowing as we re-discover our own ‘blueprint’.

It is the voice of your conscious soul pulling you back into harmony.
A decision to make
1. Let of the situation you are in… go into silence… for now don’t intellectualise…
2. Become aware of your own spiritual self… this awareness releases your own beauty and power…
3. Now bring the decision you need to make before you and just observe it. [Your own true desire for truth and goodness will answer, clarity will restore itself and the solution come]…
4. Visualize yourself doing that and…
5. Act on it.

Your qualities
Relax… go into a calm and peaceful place… Now choose an aspect of nature: a flower, a tree, a river etc… Think of two or three qualities of whatever it is you have chosen… [for example the flower’s beauty, the tree’s strength, the river’s coolness]… Accept these qualities as your own… [symbols directly correlate to one self]… These qualities are within you… Say: I am ‘that’… Let that quality be you… flow through you… Hold this experience in your awareness… Now… taking these qualities with you… see yourself meeting your family and friends… and interacting with then with these qualities… What effect does this have on them?… See their faces… What are you feeling and experiencing now too?

At a crossroads
Relax… go into a calm and peaceful place… You are free and light… Emerge the power of peace… Call it from within… ‘I am peace’… A fountain of peace emerges from within me… This is my natural state… I emerge the power of clarity… I float on this sea of awareness of my inner world… Now bring your decision in front of you… Ask your inner heart… What is the best way forward for me? … Now just see what comes… don’t analyse it… accept it… see the benefits that will open up for you… How do you feel about this?…Visualise yourself in that scenario or state of being..

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