How Do I Strengthen My Willpower?

1. Create an inner space: build your own inner space. First thing in the morning– get up a little bit earlier and spend time experiencing the five colours (peace, love, happiness, truth and purity) that you are made up of. During the day– take a minute every hour to remind yourself of your qualities and to experience one of them. In the evening and/or before you sleep– read an inspiring book/listen to some calming music/create a special meditation. It is known that ones last thoughts before sleeping influence the quality if your sleep, ensure yours’ is a good nights sleep and you awake refreshed.

2. Study: pursue your interest in spiritual things. Ask those questions such as who am I? Who is GOD? Why am I here? Who thinks? Who acts? Who gives life to this body? The soul is made of five primary colours: peace, love, bliss, truth and purity? What is your mix of colours (peace, love, happiness, truth and purity)?

3. Instil good habits: express your inner qualities. When you do you strengthen them and you flow. My actions are my investment for the future, they stay with me forever (their consequences).

4. Service to the community: let your energy be used for the benefit of all, you will receive many ‘blessings’ in return.

These four things are the legs of the chair that you are sitting on!!! They build your willpower and for stability need to be equally strengthened. Imagine sitting on a wobbly chair!

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