From Force to Power: 7 Steps

Take a child, tell them with force not to do something and the moment you turn your back they will go back to doing just that. Now tell them with love – taking the time to explain and to make sure they understand… and you will be able to be sure that they will stay on track. Force is only ever effective for a short while. Spiritual power grows and is forever.

Today we see a lot of forces of negativity at play- along with the force of our own negative personality traits- in our lives. Maybe it feels like the only way to survive in today’s world is with the use of force? However, this use of force comes from feeling ‘weak’ – internally there is no power. An alternative? To re-discover our inner power. When we do it becomes unnecessary for us to use force at all.

7 steps from force to power
The following 7 steps allow us to know and experience our own inner powers: the powers of peace, love, truth, purity and joy.

Step 1: turn inwards and discern your own inner potential.
The most important part of ‘me’ is the being within. My thoughts, feelings and conscience all are part of ‘I’, the living being. Turning inwards allows us to reconnect to the qualities of our inner being and know our inner potential.

Peace, love, truth, purity and joy are the constituents of the soul; the ingredients that we are made up of; our natural qualities. The more we experience them the more we can express them and be them no matter what is happening around us. Just keep connecting to the being that you are and coming back to your natural state of being and you will see the magic working around you.

Step 2: notice the connection between your thoughts and feelings.
The way we think can create either upheaval within us or bring understanding. Something happens and all sorts of thoughts and feelings arise. Notice how most of these thoughts (and feelings) are related to past experiences of similar situations. The past colours our present. To become present and non-reactive: connect to the being within; discover your inner power to reconcile and pack up the things of the past; take charge of your thoughts and feelings; and focus on opportunities of the present.

Step 3: develop tolerance.
You want to do it one way and I another. Tolerance allows me to let go and let it be your way as there are a dozen ways to get to the same destination. Tolerance lets us be generous, flexible, maintains my respect & dignity and yours and makes staying on the course of “success” more likely.

Take a palm tree in a storm, it moves with the wind and so isn’t uprooted. This is possible because its roots go deep. Make your roots deep; go deep within so you can draw on your inner strength. If our roots are only superficial it is much harder to be tolerant and we become forceful.

Step 4: learn to accommodate i.e accept and allow.
When we are connected to our core of peace and love -and there is a huge core of love within each of us- our hearts are able to open to such an extent that we naturally cease to judge others.

When we accept another they melt. When we judge we put up a wall. When we let our defences down -with love and trust that the right things will happen- we allow others to let theirs down.

Step 5: develop the ability to discern.
This requires that we keep our mind clear -free of the past and of worries of the future- only then can it discern the reality of what is going on. Only then can we see what is truly going on and what the next step needs to be.

A simple way to finish the fear of tomorrow is: know that whatever you do today -thoughts, words, actions- creates your future. Then all I need to do is focus on what I think, say and do today and sort it out/get it right. If I do I can be certain my future is good.

Step 6: develop the ability to decide.
To decide what is right-wrong; real- false. Only when the central pole of the scales is straight can they be balanced. So for us, only when we are centred inside can we weigh up and decide. Two things pull us off-centre: our desires and attachments. Look back, can you recognize a decision you made that was influenced by either of these? At the time we don’t even see it happening. Create space inside for silence and reflection; move to the central point; then you will know what is right… you will be moving in the right direction.

Step 7: have faith.

  • Faith in you- that you are on the right track.
  • Faith in God- the source of total benevolence and absolute love- that He will lead and guide you to your destination and do so with benevolence and love.
  • Faith in destiny- that even though things are havoc right now there is a plan -that things are moving in a specific way- and that our destiny is moving us to a place of goodness for all.

Faith gives us courage; in the midst of darkness I will find my way.

Experiment with these steps and see what happens. The power you will experience in your life will be very beautiful and it will spread out in a very magical way bringing benefit to you, those around you and to the whole world.

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