Freedom from Worry

Our thoughts:
Our thoughts shape our lives. Our thoughts create our feelings and so our day. Our thoughts are our one constant companion, sometimes coming to us as our friends and at other times as our enemy. When they come as friends we feel light and free and when as our enemy heavy and trapped. When we feel trapped we then begin to feel anxious, worried, tensed and/or confused. We are not sure what had happened and look outside for a solution. Instead it is our thoughts that we need to observe.

There are four types of thoughts:
a) necessary– ones about daily living: What shall we have for dinner? Where are my car keys? etc.
b) unnecessary– these come in large quantities and drown us, leaving us feeling drained of energy. These are thoughts connected with the past or concerning the future or others.
c) positive– peaceful, happy and loving thoughts.
d) negative– doubt, anger, fear, etc. These types of thoughts lead us into ill-health.

Worry – particularly about the future – is almost always just our own imagination. How many of the things that we worry about have actually ever happen? How much time have we spent worrying when we could have been enjoying ourselves instead?

The more we worry the more of a habit it becomes too. When we are worried we are not able to ‘think straight’ and so we become more emotional and reactive. Everyday situations become problems and worry does not let us see the solution and we worry all the more. In fact, if we change the worry habit we will see the solution. All situations come with their own solution.

How to release worry and bring wellness:
1.Make your mind your best friend. Who is the most important person in your life? You? How much time do you give to yourself though? So, make an appointment with yourself and dialogue with yourself. This will build up confidence in yourself. Ideally the morning is best time and some questions you can ask are: Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here? When you receive the answers to these questions you will be free from worry for ever!!!

2. Stand back and observe your thoughts. You can’t stop your mind from thinking, but you can watch your thoughts on the screen of your mind. This observing actually slows down your thoughts and then you can begin to choose and create the ones that you want to think. Thoughts of how/what/why/where etc. create worry. So, instead choose thoughts that are your friends, ones of gratitude and understanding and wonder.

3. Change fear into cheer. Fear is a negative emotion that is directed towards myself. Instead develop faith in life, learn to laugh, be optimistic, think that whatever is happening is for the best, think that there is benefit in everything that happens and see things as opportunties to progress (challenges) and not as problems.

4. Let go of the past. You can’t change the past so let it go and move on otherwise it will haunt you. Instead live in the present making the most of now and all the opportunties that come your way. If you do your best now you then don’t need to worry about your future either, as it is based on what you are doing now.

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