Is there something you keep re-living? A memory? A person? An event? An idea? An experience? Something you did? Something someone else did? Something unfair? What are you resisting or holding back? Where are you frozen in time?

When we are stuck in somewhere in the past we lose the beauty of the present moment.

Do you want to say: enough, time to let go and move on? Forgiveness is important as it frees me (my energy) and allows me to come into the ‘now’, to be loving towards those in my life now and in the future. Forgiveness and letting go require an inner dialogue with yourself. This doesn’t have to be tough(!) just say: hey let’s go!

Are you stuck with feeling of unjustice and unfairness?
Call on the light within and the light of God to dissolve those feelings of injustice and ‘poor me.’ See a beautiful light entering that place where you feel hurt and resistant and see the light dissolve that hurt and resistance… Now create a new thought: it is time to let go and move on… Holding on hasn’t been helping me… Now choose to see life as gracious and benevolent… it is showing me such beautiful things… it is teaching me such wonders… Now smile {as smiling releases happy feelings}… and see yourself as a river flowing.

Forgiving ones’ self
Be deeply silent… put your right hand on your heart and ask yourself: is there something I feel guilty about/regret? Know what it is… Acknowledge what happened without blame… It was a mistake and if you had know better at that time you would have done differently… You were doing the best you could then and there… Say that you forgive yourself for having participated willingly or unknowingly in something that you are now less than proud of… Acknowledge the love you have for yourself as a spiritual being… Then ask God for forgiveness… His love and light heals us…Call on Him – the Supreme Source of healing – and surrender’ this’ to Him asking for His forgiveness truly from your heart… Then ask whoever it was you may have hurt to forgive you… Bring s/he or them into your mind and knowing that you have forgiven yourself and asked God for forgiveness say to them how you made a mistake and have asked for your own and God’s forgiveness and that you are now asking for theirs… Breathe in peace and breathing out let everything go.

Forgiving others
1/ We all have a script.
We are all actors in a play playing our parts. We are in a movie! When you see this you will be able to recognise your own and others scripts. ***We get hurt when others walk into our lives and hand us their scripts. We say: but I have my own, and they say: no read this one, and we do. We feel uncomfortable reading another’s script… then we get hurt… then we blame… In truth our hurt has resulted from us having agreed to read their script. We choose to abandon ours and to read anothers’, whatever the reason was… we agreed. ***We also get hurt when others wont take on our script. ***An alternative? We can opt to co-create our script with God. Then I am not trying to impose mine on others nor am I going to agree to read theirs. Take responsibility for your own script and help others take be responsible for theirs. This is real mercy = forgivness.

2/ When anyone behaves negatively they are acting out an unmet need. Recognise that ‘this’ has nothing to do with you, that it is about an unmet need of theirs, ask yourself if you are/ are not the one to meet and then act. This is real compassion = forgiveness

3/ We don’t know others stories/pasts up to know. We don’t know what has happened to them, what drove them to adopt a particular script- you just don’t know so not yours to judge. Instead have an attitude of mercy and compassion = forgiveness

***Forgiving others isn’t about letting them walk all over you. Navigate clearly, firmly and kindly.

When I no longer
criticise, judge, condemn there will no longer
be any need for

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