Forgive and Forget


Why do we say forgive and forget? In forgiving and forgetting we free ourselves and others from the past and enable ourselves to move on.

What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is to have feelings of understanding, kindness, compassion and mercy… and not to blame or condemn.

Why forget too? It is ‘forgetting’ that truly frees us and enables us to move on. By forgetting we give ourselves the gift of the present and we also give ourselves the chance to create an abundant future for ourselves.

What does ‘forgetting’ mean? It means to apply a ‘full-stop’ to what has happened, to let the past be the past.

How do we forget?To forget enlist truth, faith and courage.

    • Truth, of who I am.
    • Faith, in myself (my true nature); faith, that I can have a life filled with peace, love and happiness; and faith, that I can change my future.
    • Courage, to act. To forgive and forget and step into the present. When we act with courage help comes – God Himself helps.

How do we do this? Take out some time to explore these ideas. Also, to sit quietly and in silence we can understand and experience our true nature. In silence we can experience real peace, love and happiness. These experiences fill us with such positivity that to forgive and forget seems like the most natural thing in the world to do.

In a jail the walls are very high and there are guards to stop anyone escaping. In a palace the walls are also high and there are also guards, although their job is to stop anyone entering uninvited. When we don’t forgive it is as if we imprison our selves. When we forgive and forget we move into a palace. Who are the palace guards? They are thoughts filled with positivity.

Don’t look to the world to see how to be and act, look first to yourself and then act with courage. You will then become an inspiration for the world. Just keep your aim deep within your mind and let it guide you.

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  1. Nice piece. It takes a lot of courage to forgive and a lot more spiritual discipline to forget. Life is short to be wasted on hurtful moments. It’s past and gone.

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