Forgive & Forget – Forgiving Myself

We need to:
1. Acknowledge mistakes, our ego that doesn’t allow us to acknowledge our mistakes. We need to go beyond it and be honest with ourselves. It does not help if we let ourselves get into negative feeling as then whatever possibility we have of doing something good finishes. We need to keep our mind very positive and our heart very open if we want to forgive and forget.

2. Honestly and with determination do not want to repeat that mistake.

3. God’s grace allows us to let go of our own guilt and pain and enables us to be able to forgive, take a new step forward, through a new door of opportunity.

4. See what the mistakes you have made in the past have taught you. Humility? Acceptance? Compassion?

“I know what it’s like and so I can feel that compassion and empathy for others who are at this point struggling. It was very powerful when I realised that the people that knew of my mistake were also ready to forgive me. Their forgiveness came from two factors- their own generosity of spirit and their faith in the goodness of the human being, not just my goodness rather the recognition of the goodness of every human being. So they were able to say; We understand, mistakes happen. It’s OK. We’ve been through the same. We will help you take another step and we know that it is possible as we know that the inner beauty of the soul can come shining through and we are ready to help you with that.”

God is able to forget my past but am I able to forgive and forget my past? We need to be able to forget our own pasts, to let them go, otherwise they cast a shadow over the present and the future. It belongs to the past, it is over. It is not something of the present. Do you not want a bright present, one in which there is light? Do you want the possibility of creating a better future? If so we need to learn to forget the past having learnt its lesson put a full stop in your own mind and move on.

When we copy others, we do it because somebody else is, forgetting ones own needs. I choose now to calculate my true need and to decide what it is I want to do. In choosing, I go through a process in my own mind and decide to do something because it fulfils a genuine need.

We often copy to be sociable or to please someone. Yes, to go with the flow and keep everyone happy is good but if something is not right there has to be a point where we take a stance. When we see something is wrong and we do take a stand we in fact benefit not just ourselves but others too. We may not get a good response straight away, this is OK though. We need to allow others the time they need to see for themselves, we just need to have the courage to take that stand.

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