Feelings Are Not Facts

In 24 hours we can have feelings of a ‘yo-yo.’ How can we go through a day with the feeling of swimming alone and not of sinking too?

Where do the feelings come from?
Triangle: thoughts + feelings = experience/your reality. If you think good thoughts, you will feel that goodness.

Who is the thinker in the body?
The body is physical energy. The energy of thoughts is the soul. You energise the soul by thinking correctly, that is peacefully.

Feelings vs. Emotions
You can disguise your feelings. When your thoughts become visible in your sense organs then you enter into emotions.

Thoughts come into the mind like ships into a harbour. The moment you retain a thought and repeat it over and over again it anchors itself into your heart. It automatically goes into the filing cabinet. Then if you ‘google’ the same kind of feelings they all come into the search engine of your mind.

If you want to feel good, ‘google’ good feelings. Change the habit of what you ‘google’ to and you can change your feelings easily.

How do I make myself okay at this moment? How?
1. Affirmations:
Nothing happens? We might get tired of affirming because we don’t have the faith that they can do it. We need to apply then with faith and belief. Faith moves mountains. It takes courage to think positively. A positive thinker is someone who has the ability to think when things are going bad.

2. Check your motives: What is my purpose of wanting to feel like this?’

3. Change a loss into a profit. Look at what you have attained from that situation. Those lessons are the steps to take for you to move ahead. Look deep enough. Next day, the bad feeling might come back but try again, then you will feel better about it, eventually it will be like looking at a scar- you will see it but not feel the emotions.

Meditation is not a ‘stop’ button but a ‘pause’ button. Pause several times a day. It is the time that you give to yourself.

Life is like running water. Water is my thoughts. To see yourself on water, you need stillness. To see where I am in my life, I need to stop my thoughts.

The atmosphere a person emits is their mood, feelings that are not controlled make your mood.

Triangle: truth – feelings – facts. The top of the triangle has to be the truth:
What is your truth? What is important for you? Put your motives in the right place. Facts and feelings are separate. I am rejected (fact) but I don’t have to feel that way. When you stick to your truth, the facts don’t matter.

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