Everyday Intuition

Intuition: to know something for no reason at all.

To be intuitive you need to be in touch with the intuitive you:

To be intuitive there are three essentials:
Step 1- Get in touch with you.
Step 2- Be in the present.
Step 3- Be clear. {I.e. every moment leaves its impression on us and becomes part of the tint of the lens through which we look out at the world at. To be clear we need to see through untinted lens}.

Okay, but how do we do this? Is this not really where the problem lies in becoming the intuitive you?

The key: know the formula you live by.

Formula 1= What is going on? – How do I feel?
Formula 2= How do I feel? – What is going on?

Formula 1 [What is going on? – How do I feel?] = only when all the ‘externals’ are right for me do I feel okay, have peace of mind, experience love, feel happy etc.

Everything ‘out there’ is perfect and I feel great… but then something happens… my peace of mind, happiness, etc. go… I act to re-mediate what has happened… Everything is great again… and then…. Living by this formula means we spend most of our time re-mediating what is happening ‘out there’ so that we can feel okay. We work so hard doing this too!

It may be something small that is easily fixed like a draft from an open window but what happens when it is something bigger, ill-health; redundancy; a relationship gone wrong; the environment etc. Some of these we can re-mediate easily but some aren’t so easy to re-mediate. Living by this formula in today’s world isn’t easy at all.

This formula makes us slaves to life as everything -our peace, happiness, etc.- depends on what is happening out there.

Formula 2 [How do I feel? – What is going on?] = I am the intuitive me.
When we live by this formula we are the king of our life. There is only one kingdom available for us to rule and that is the kingdom of the self. To live this second formula is to live seated on the throne of the self-realization as a being of truth, purity, love, power and contentment.

We are trying so hard to solve the ripples on the surface of the world. Is it working? What we really need to individually do is: sit still, become silent and re-discover who we are. We all have the same fundamental nature of peace, love, purity, wisdom and happiness. Why don’t we feel it? We have simply forgotten it as a result of living by formula 1 and become suspicious of our true nature. Go inside and we can re-experience who we are.

Making the switch from formula 1 to 2.
-How do I feel? After having lived by formula 1 for so long don’t be surprised if your answer is: I don’t know.
-Not sure? Ask yourself: Who am I? What are my innate qualities? What is my original nature?
-Not sure? Ask yourself: What do I really want? Peace? Happiness? Love? Wisdom? Contentment? Authenticity? The real and pure? To be empowered?

Going back to: How do I feel? Sit comfortably and use your imagination to take you into the consciousness of the detached observer. Detached isn’t not to care, it is just not to be attached (dependent). Detachment allows us to see the separation between how we feel and what is in front of us.

Next: who do you want to be?
– create the type of consciousness you would like to be in.
– keep practicing: as the experience is repeated and grows it re-aligns our spiritual molecules and we find that we naturally start to sit on throne of self-realization and live by the second formula. To make this switch to living by the second formula takes practice as we have been living by the first formula for so long.

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