Everyday Intuition: How Do I Feel?

Imagine you are in a big theatre. In this theatre there is just one seat in the middle of the room. It is facing the stage. You are sitting on this seat. It is a beautiful theatre. It is very comfortable sitting there in your seat.

You are looking at a big screen up on the stage. You see yourself sitting on your comfy seat in this beautiful theatre up on this screen. You look out from behind your eyes and see yourself sitting there on the screen up there on the stage. Now place this whole theatre inside your head.

You become very small. A tiny you is sitting there looking out at you sitting there on the screen. You just observe the scene before you. You are separate from it. You are a tiny being. So tiny that you could be just a point of light sitting there watching you up on the screen. You are so comfortable and stable sitting on your comfy seat observing you sitting there up there on the screen.

Now ask yourself: How do I feel?

Is it possible that I am already a being of complete peace, love and happiness; totally pure; and of immense spiritual power? Is it that I have just forgotten this and lost the plot as a result of having dived into the screen and believing myself to be the image on the screen? Now let me re-experience myself. In this consciousness I am a peaceful soul.

Like a candle in a windless place the self reveal the self to the self in the depths of meditation. [Saying]

When I go in depth to re-experiencing myself, I experience constant love in 2 ways. One is to have love from the heart. Two is to have loving feelings in the mind. For this we need to be experiencing inner peace and happiness. When we love with the heart and the mind we know true happiness.

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