Do You Have a Gardener?

ivy-1287383_960_720Do you have a gardener’s approach to life?  Here are some of the approaches you’ll have when you do…

Love nature.
A gardener knows that everything has a reason to be.  Everything, no matter how small, is an important part of the whole and, whether we see it or not, is making a big difference, from the humble bumble bee, the borrowing worm or old mossy oak.  Learn this and you will accept, appreciate and enjoy whatever you come across.

Don’t be affected by the weather.
Celebrate the downpour of rain in your life, it feeds, quenches and washes away anything extra that’s been collecting.  Refresh your outlook and remove the mundane tiredness accumulating in your mind and heart.

Bask in the sunshine moments.  Be still in mind and spirit so you absorb goodness, while being open. Allow your mind to feast on the riot of colour and variety.

Be weather-proof. No matter what the external weather, we can learn to enjoy and create our inner weather and you’ll find you’re becoming weather-proof, that is, nothing ever becomes too much for us.

Be open to experimenting.
All gardeners know the rules and what is best, but the best gardeners know how to be experimental.  They have a daring streak and happily ask, “I wonder what will happen if I…”.  A gifted gardener knows the rules and understands they are guides to bring out the best results, but that they can always improve.

Be observant.  Learn to repeat what works and put what doesn’t down to experience.  Then, like a gardeners hands, you’ll become thick skinned, taking things less personally whilst being gentle and soft when handling hearts, yours and others’.

Work towards harmony. Look for harmony.
In all seasons of life you’ll see the harmony that comes from seeing the best.  whether it’s the pockets of rebellion that crop up in pure colour in spring, promising more to life than seen in the moment.  Or the splendour of colour, flower and bounty in summer.  The crisp autumn air and leaf carpet of gold and red.  Even the clarity of vision that is offered by winter.  See the best; see the harmony and you will see the purpose of being in the now.

Dare to be a gardener and just keep growing.

One Response to “Do You Have a Gardener?”

  • zeenat rasheed

    Gardening has always been my go to for peace, quietening of my “busy noise”…. And I find this meditation to be a confirmation of what I am actually creating in my own soul and life, a place of beauty and encouragement and peace.


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