Decisions, Decisions

The best decisions are the ones made with a peaceful intellect, one that is able to concentrate. Then you can clearly see the road that has brought you to this crossroads and the future of each of the possible decisions.

Once you have made your decision stick to it!

If something confuses you and you are asking should I/shouldn’t I – don’t do it. Your intellect is confused and trying to stop you. If it is a beneficial decision ‘Yes’ will be clear. Thus, your mind will not waiver.

Our intellects become confused when they are polluted by waste thoughts from the mind or being influenced by our long-held habits and personality traits. These argue with the intellect.

We want to give up smoking and we are clear cut on this, then our mind says: ‘Just the one this time is OK. You haven’t had one all day and you have had a tough day. One won’t hurt’. Then the habit of smoking that we have created pulls us too– it is like a computer programme that is running and when we try to change it we get an error message. We have to create a new one that makes the old one redundant before we can delete it.

Who is in charge here? Are you, your mind or is your habit?

Help your intellect by:
– staying in and building up self-respect (without which we are able to rule over ourselves fully).
– having genuine good wishes for yourself (love in your heart for yourself).
– de-cluttering your thoughts, become silent and clear the screen of your mind. As when driving we turn on the windscreen wipers immediately if anything falls on the windscreen so with the screen of our mind, when anything comes onto the screen of our minds that is un-beneficial just wipe it away.
– creating pure thoughts, they can perform wonders in our lives. Be very precise and clear, when we say ‘this is what I want’ our intellect will work to make it happen. Be careful here too, because if our thoughts are negative then this is what will come to us. Do yourself a favour –be merciful on yourself- and make your thoughts positive.

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