Being You

I am a peaceful being, this is who and what I am. I just have to be it, it isn’t that I have to be in peaceful surroundings or to be surrounded by other peaceful people to be so. I am already this no matter where I am or who I am with. I am a spiritual being in this physical costume. The core of this spiritual being is purity, peace, love, joy, power and bliss. This core of who I am is independent of anything else.

The soul simply wants to express itself; its peace, love and happiness. When not doing so it seeks these experiences. Mistakenly it begins to look outside of itself, it falls into the trap of thinking that such experiences are dependent on its external circumstances (environment, others, position, etc.) being conducive for it to know peace, love or happiness.

So, we work all year for the two week holiday in order to experience peace; we’ trade’ love giving it and expecting in return or asking others to give to us and then we will give to them; and then ‘we can only be happy when…’

Inner peace and silence isn’t about our ‘environment’ but the thoughts that we create. We can create a deep lake of thoughts that we can dive into and experience peace at any time and place. See what types of thoughts you are creating and how you feel. Then create peaceful, loving or happy ones and see how you feel.

We can take charge of our thoughts to bring them back in line with the truth of who were are. This step is a step of courage as it is a step out of the old and into the new. Usually ego jumps up at this point; it begins telling us: If you do this then you will no longer be able to… nothing will be the same again… etc. The trick here is to get ‘ego’ to co-operate with you. How? By engaging it in dialogue. The best way to do this is to sit quietly (in meditation) and ask it questions, then wait for the reply.

Consider every day to be a new clean page. What you write on it depends on your thinking. OK so yesterday you were grumpy, that doesn’t mean you have to be that today too. Today you can choose to be happy, light, appreciative or however you would like to be.

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