What Do We Need To Grow Spiritually?


Take a tree…

Water: Truth
When we like an idea and it resonates with us… this is ‘water’ for soul. The best water of all for the soul is truth and it is needed daily! Listen to, read about or write (reflect) about something based on truth every day. You can just to ask yourself: Who am I? Pure spirit? Then everyday go deeper into this as the deeper we go the stronger the vibrations of truth become – immerse yourself again and again.

Sunshine: Energy
Our sunshine (energy) can come from our thoughts – these can also drain us! Also from our interactions with others – again, some drain us. Sometimes we play specific roles in order to get ‘attention’ from others, such as, the victim, the pleaser, only this type of attention makes our ego grow and not us. The ego is like the vine that grows around a tree and strangles it.

Real sunshine for the soul are the blessings that come from others when we touch their heart or inspire them, not from pleasing or impressing them. We do this when we are true to our self and obey our conscience, when we are true in our soul and to our heart.

So, what drains our energy the most? Doubt, fear and worry. The opposite? To live with faith – in our self, in life and in God. When there is complete faith, worry does not exist – you know that everything is working out perfectly and that if something happens you will know at that time what the right thing to do is.

Manure: Challenges
Challenges are our fuel – they help us to grow. ‘Troubles’ are really blessings is disguise.

Air: Environment
Is it one conducive to growth? What do you surround yourself with? What do you spend your time doing? People? Books? Hobbies? Does your job make you shrink or grow?

Space: Freedom
If we plant two trees too close together they strangle each other. Likewise we also all need a level of individual freedom to discover who we are.

Pruning: Clearing
How do we prune our soul? This is to cut away dead and negative things. We need to become self-aware – to check and change and to be open to feedback from all of life.

Service: To Give
Survival of the fittest? This model is based on fear. It is a case of win or lose. There is a fear for our survival and in order to survive… Does this feel natural? Does fear not shrink us?

An alternative? To live with faith and love. In fact, the more we live with faith and the more we give the more comes back to us – there is no longer fear for our own survival. Imagine a world in which everyone bloomed!

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