Use of Inspiration

What is inspiration?
Inspiration can be:

– the stimulation and awakening to a higher way of consciousness.
– divine influence or guidance on the mind.

How do they come?
Do they just drop into our lives or do they drop into a fertile ground? One can never know. Pablo Neruda says: “Poetry came in search of me, I don’t know where it came from.”

What to do with it?
You need to act on the inspiration to get something out of it.

What inspires us? Why?
Situations, occasions, people. People inspire us most, because they have given us something, mainly their qualities underneath inspires us. People leave us, but their quality and their goodness remain with us.

What about being impressed?
Being impressed is different to being inspired. If you are impressed with someone, you can never have a growing relationship with that person. You are being subordinate on your own talents and it kills your creativity.

How to open up the doors to inspirations?
1. Spiritual law: if you say yes to something, the Universe opens up to help you.

2. Have the consciousness of being an instrument; “whatever is inspiring me, it must be for a purpose.”
3. Focus on qualities and. Emerge what is originally inside, which is pure goodness.
God helps us to do this but we need to cooperate by remembering and emerging our goodness again.

Meditation poetry on silence
Hidden world of thoughts and feelings… Pain settles and peace prevails… Silence settles gently, folding softly… A love affair with silence, to love silence is to love myself…

Spiritual knowledge cannot given by inspiration but that feeling of inspiration makes you want to research into it.

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