The ‘I Can’ Power of Cosmos

In life we have searched and even struggled for ‘things’ and then when we got ‘it’, ‘it’ did not give us what we needed, because we are not physical beings.

Three areas of influence connected with the decision-making:

1. Inner cosmos and how we can explore and experience it.
When we take our awareness away from the external we move into another world. As you connect with the cosmos of your inner world, you discover the inner powers of the soul. Then you can explore, experience your inner qualities and begin to create your own peaceful and happy world. You become self-content and the outer world has less effect on you: a protective shield of your own awareness and experience. You don’t need to be a wise Zen master to experience this, this is what you are.

You have to rethink- reprogram your thinking in this way. This is the great star trek, the journey inward.

You are the doorkeeper, the decision-maker of your life. When I take responsibility of my own world, that has an incredible effect on others.

2. The world/influence of others
This ‘effect’ of what is going on around me enters our consciousness and connects with our own insecurities and fears. It triggers something inside and I accept it because I have no spiritual filter/shield. Then we react and create a cycle of response, i.e. similar responses to mine come back to me. This leads to huge confusion.

How can we stop it and become proactive?

I need the filter of awareness, because as I anchor myself within my own awareness, the criticism of others doesn’t reach me. Even if the effect does come through, it is cushioned by the experiences of my original qualities. Awareness lets me understand that this person is hurt and that is why he or she is being so. Like a mother I do not reject but I know and understand.

The dynamic of how we influence others is very powerful: Your energy of love, etc. goes out and touches their consciousness no matter how negative they are. This triggers the same feelings in them automatically. Then they become less aggressive and fearful. It is these feelings that then come back to us and empowers us.

3. The influence of God
Opening our universe to the cosmos of God allows us to tap into that huge energy field. I am strengthening my own inner world.

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