Re-Energise. Rejuvenate. Glow

Re-energise (become tireless)
1) Utilize your own mind’s energy- the energy of your thoughts. Each and every thought is a seed. Check: will this thought lead to the creation of fear, hate, anger, peace, unity, understanding…?

Pay attention to your thoughts. Spend time in reflection so that the self can realize itself.

2) Awaken the spirit. What do you believe about yourself? Are you ruled by other’s approval and so spend your life adapting who you think they want you to be? Are you ruled by compassion, mercy and love? Are you living and experiencing your truth?

On the spiritual path there is the recognition that one is the spiritual being and that the physical body is the vehicle through which we express the soul’s qualities.

Spirituality is about re-connecting with the being within to reawaken our inner peace and happiness.

To be and to live our truth -those inner qualities of peace, love, wisdom, happiness- first we have to recognize it and believe that we are it. If not, how can we live it? If we don’t have this understanding we come from a place of neediness and we spend a lot of time and energy looking for these things outside of ourselves, and then blaming others for not being able to find them. We can’t blame others though as what we seek isn’t out there, it is inside us.

An energized consciousness is a peaceful, loving and giving one.

3) Be loving towards yourself. Spend your time and energy investing in growing the imperishable- your values and qualities. The more tolerant/peaceful we become the more tolerance we receive/peace there is in our lives.

Re-connected to the driver of the car we can live an energized life and fulfil our potential. Trapped in the limitations of a material consciousness it is as if we become the car rather than its driver.

Rejuvenate (fulfil your potential)
1) Use your thoughts to create stability. When we feel spiritually wealthy we don’t fluctuate. It is external influences that cause us to fluctuate, such as, others’ negativity, wanting others’ approval and by being impressed. To be impressed by someone is to forget your own inner truth, you are saying that they have and you don’t have what ever it is you see in them.

2) Be clear of your purpose. Is it to accumulate material possessions, position and people? The possessions, position and people in our lives will never stay static, so there is always the fear of loss within us. We spend our lives just trying to stay on this treadmill. Our minds are full of tension. We are limited by fear.

The spiritual way of looking at purpose is that our purpose here is to be happy and to share happiness. Visualise a life of harmony and creativity. Let go of stress, strain and expectations. The expectation that a job will give me security, relationships love… make us dependent. We have forgotten our inner resources and are looking to others to provide for us.

3) Give to everything you do. Coach with love and then let grow. Work with patience, then what you do will be more valuable and meaningful. What we give comes back to us. So give understanding, tolerance, mercy, compassion… then you bring yourself into that energy field.

4) Accept responsibility for yourself. We can flee, resist or embrace. Resistance creates conflict. Is my mind peaceful and calm? If not there will be tension in my body and upheaval in my feelings. Take responsibility for your feelings – do not blame others.

Glow (with unbound energy and wellness)
Glow with good feelings. Re-connected to the driver of the car rather than the car, our inner light becomes brighter and brighter. Eventually there will not be even one negative thought and everything is well and as it should be.

Then we can go beyond the material and physical world to God in the world beyond. We just have to put out the thought first, reach out with pure and loving thoughts. Go inwards, be the pure energy you are and then go up.

Take the journey home – return to the self and to a state of peace and happiness.

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