Feeling Overwhelmed with all the Juggling?

Some of us are currently enjoying life in the slow lane. But many are overloaded with all the juggling. Whether it’s dealing with high risk family members or the economic insecurity; or managing work, children and the household chores; or having to do what you have to do and wanting to do what you want to do; or facing all the demands and expectations.…

All this juggling can easily get a little too overwhelming. And when you’re feeling overwhelmed, not much gets done, and it can negatively impact your wellbeing.

So, can we master the juggling act and find a balance? Or is it a myth?

If you’re an exhausted juggler looking for a better way, Maureen Goodman shares how to:

  • stop struggling with juggling and trying to do things perfectly
  • regain calm when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Speaker: Maureen Goodman is the Programme Director at Global Co-operation House in London, UK. She travels widely facilitating workshops and lectures on personal development and spirituality.

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