Building Resilience in Tough Times

During this time when pretty much everything is topsy-turvy, how are you coping? Why is it that some people cope with adversity so well, while others don’t?

As the saying goes: it’s not what happens that matters, it’s how you respond that matters. To enhance your response-ability, the thing that makes all the difference is, resilience.

Resilience is your personal toolkit that helps you to toughen up in tough times, bounce back with humour and positivity and come out a little wiser, a little better for the experience.

Even if you’re not a naturally resilient person, don’t worry, resilience is something we can build and boost. Marcelo Bulk explores ways to fuel your resilience in tough times.


Speaker: Marcelo Bulk Gimenez is based in Colombia, and is a business consultant and an author, who has been practising meditation for over 30 years.

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