Peaceful, Happy, Contented Mind

We say ‘my mind is…’ don’t we? Our mind belongs to us and to no-one else… i.e we can choose what we think about and how we think. To create a peaceful, happy and contented mind we need to learn first of all how to use it correctly, neither suppressing it nor letting it run wild.

What makes our mind peace-less?
(i) Thinking too much, along with worrying and criticizing. Too much thinking leaves us feeling drained and tired, and thinking about something too extensively makes it big.

(ii) Asking the wrong questions, such as, ‘How do I?’ ‘What if…?’ ‘Why did they do…?’ and saying ‘If only…’ What we think creates how we feel; the quality of our life.

(iii) The quality of our thoughts; there are the 3 monkeys: speak, see and hear no evil… add a fourth: think no evil. We tend to home in on others’ defects, doing so we actually results in our hearts getting hurt.

(iv) Wanting, e.g. such and such possessions, holidays, to be loved…Our mind stumbles around saying ‘I want…’ and if when we don’t get what we feel disheartened.

(v) Expectations; these are a result of ‘wanting’. They may be of ourselves or others. When these aren’t meet we feel angry or disheartened. When our mind repeatedly experiences such ‘upset’ it becomes weak (caught) and experiences sorrow.

To reach a peaceful, happy and contended mind
First, ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ Explore this question deeply… it will lead you into such a silence that you will experience real peace and smile

Second, look at your thinking. Are you thinking ‘I want…’ all day long? Are you dwelling on others’ faults and mistakes? Instead actively notice at least one good quality about everyone you meet, and seek some benefit in all that happens. Warm your heart.

Third, replace ‘I want…’ with ‘I have…’ Noticing what we have we fill up and begin to feel rich. Whilst we say ‘I want…’ it is not possible for us to feel content.

Our minds get caught in wants, desires and attachments and experiences sorrow. It isn’t content with what it does have. To see the palace of another and yet be content with your hut means that yours is a golden mind. Such a mind is able to act on truth, with love and selflessly.

Fourth, use your time well and and whoever you meet share nothing but happiness with them. Whatever you do, do it with happiness -happiness nourishes the mind- and no matter what happens move on; let go of the past, of even one minute ago.

What are you doing all day long? If you get behind the wheel of are a car you have to pay attention to the road ahead; you expect red lights and other cars on the road. So I the soul, the living being, I am the driver of this ‘vehicle’ and to avoid accidents I need to live with attention, know there will be red lights and others on the road too. It is life. Am I going to get angry at the red lights and other cars on the road or enjoy the journey?

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  1. I like the simplicity of this website, I have just begun meditating and looking different sites and this one seems to suit my needs and answered my questions very well

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